Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.


V9: Performance

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V9: Performance
Spring 2007
Price: $35.00
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Performance has been an integral part of the mission of ASPECT since our inception, and we are proud to present this broad interpretation of the practice for our ninth volume. In this issue, ASPECT focuses on the broad spectrum of performance art—from traditional interpretations of performance to those integrating advanced technologies, inanimate objects, passersby, and site. Some performances should not be recorded or replayed, leaving anyone not present to rely on second hand accounts and their imagination. However, the videos included in this issue of ASPECT are works intended to be seen repeatedly and broadly.


Editor: Michael Mittelman; Assistant editor: Liz Nofziger; Design and production: Meghan Tomeo; Contributor liason:Julia Handschuh