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Black or White

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Black or White
Sound Performance Video
with commentary by Matthew Lyons
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In "Black or White" (2006), Marisa Olson performs the act of listening to Michael Jackson's song of the same name. The song's audio signals trigger shifts in the appearance of the video of this performance, thanks to the help of a "wobulator" built by Name June Paik and used by Olson during her performance at the Experimental Television Center. The piece was inspired by Michael Jackson's original video for the song, in which characters' faces morphed into each other--the first moment in which Olson remembers taking a deeper interest in special effects. "Black or White" traces her ongoing interests in media change and the performative aspects of spectatorship... Not to mention her obsession with pop music! The new question for her, here, is about the similarities and differences between the ways that people and machines "hear."