Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

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8:00 minutes
with commentary by Marisa S. Olson
Cave-Form Virtual Reality, Bodily Interaction, Recombinant Text
with commentary by Christiane Paul
documentation of interactive video installation
with commentary by Matthew Nash
10:50 minutes
demolition, performance, installation, cleaning, photography, construction, video, consultation, observation
with commentary by James Hull
14:50 minutes
with commentary by Una Chaudhuri
Video monitor, VCR, electronics, blenders
with commentary by Dana Moser
15-minute excerpt of 15-hour performance
online performance
with commentary by Leonie Bradbury
7-second loop
with commentary by Yu Ling Chou