Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

Sequence of Good Intentions

Sequence of Good Intentions
12:52 minutes
with commentary by Michael O'Malley
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Sixteen voices speak from one mouth in Sequence of Good Intentions as the video's subject (the artist) talks to herself in the mirror.  She uses this motley chorus of friends, family, and strangers to describe herself to herself, acting out the process of identifying oneself among the noise of external evaluations. Props and subtle adjustments signify character changes while the video's straightforward execution presents a humanism, urgency, and emotional accessibility akin to the first generation of artist's videos from the mid-20th century.  The mirror (literal and conceptual) reflects her monologue into an expansive dialogue that invites investigation of that which is most fundamental: who we are.