Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

GPS Diary

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GPS Diary
7:00 minutes
GPS Performance
with commentary by Pau Waelder
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In GPS Diary (2003), the artist plotted his daily movements for the entire year, blurring ideas of daily life and artistic process and created a kind of abstract, high-tech diary.

In two recent works commissioned by the Miró Foundation Mallorca, Spain, he walked around a natural reserve in order to virtually erase its shape with the track of his footsteps [GPS Erasure (Sa Dragonera), 2007]. And he established a connection between the city of Palma de Mallorca and the painter Joan Miró by performing walks in the city that generated drawings resembling elements of Miró’s sketchbooks he made in Palma in 1940s [GPS Miró, 2007].

The act of walking is not only understood here as an actual physical effort, but also as a metaphor for a slow step by step, analogue experience of the world around us, an attempt, maybe, to rediscover a connection, which may have been altered of even lost in a world where speed of light communications are setting the pace.