Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

Funerals for a Moment

Funerals for a Moment
New Media (Website/Guidebook/Performance)
with commentary by Natalie Loveless
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Experiments with cartography and infinity


The world is full of things: Boston, marmalade, February, the neighbors, tomorrow, zoology, Penn State, theater.

Before things form in the world, there is the pre-thing, the formless, the space of intuition, the richness of vagueness (the joy of the unspecified), the virtual, the potential. In this infinite space, there is an overfullness of possibility for which other worlds might soon come into being.

So many worlds are in fact (concretely) possible that we need maps and guides, compasses and cartography.

I develop websites, maps, guidebooks and performative frameworks that destabilize things (communities, sites, objects) and re-gather them in new locations and configurations. The goal of my projects is always to experiment with new ways of traveling with the world, creating the world at same time that we, collaboratively, traverse it.

It's possible then that a new world would be one in which funerals are performed for moments that have passed away or one in which infinitely small things are of utmost consideration.

The important thing is simply that we ask research questions experimentally and collaboratively. The artist acts as everything but master: facilitator, producer, worker, participant, collector, engineer, archivist. There are no viewers, only participants.

This video was produced by Michael Hall